EVE's 100 Great American Women List

EVE: Equal Visibility Everywhere put out a list of 100 Great American Women in response to the 2010 Time 100, which included only 31 women, and Esquires 75 Greatest Women of All Time, which valued many of its women for their external beauty and sexual utility.

View their list here: http://www.facebook.com/notes/equal-visibility-everywhere/100-great-women/122270784466701

While they admit their list is not completely inclusive, and is slightly arbitrary, they felt the need to respond to the lack of representation of notable women in Time's list, and to counteract the valuation process in the Esquire list by creating one of their own.

They're welcoming more suggestions of noteworthy women to include in future list.  I've attached a screen shot of the comments up to this point with suggestions of more women to have been included.  Check out their list, comment on the list, its premise, the choices made, and any omissions you find to be glaring!

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