Members of Washington DC City Council agree to help name streets after women

An EVE Facebook Fan posted an article about a group in Germany that did a "Gender Walk" around a certain parts of Berlin, Germany to highlight the disparity in gender representation.  The article states that dead end streets are named after women while main thoroughfares are named after men.  The "Gender Walk" illustrated that 90% of the streets they passed were named after men, and the statues they passed were of men.  The "Gender Walk" movement highlights the deficiency in Urban Planning's emphasis on gender parity and visibility of female worth, the same concern EVE has for the planning of our American cities.

President of EVE: Equal Visibility Everywhere, Dr. Lynette Long, reached out to City Council members of Washington DC in response to the recent announcement that a street would be renamed after a local male hairstylist.  A number of City Council members responded to, and agreed to help, Dr. Long and EVE with the renaming of streets, or at least of designating certain streets and blocks with a "ceremonial recognition" honoring a woman.

If you have any suggestions of women who are worthy of such recognition, want to get this started on the streets in your town, or have any comments on the process, visit the blog and post!

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